Arts, Culture, & Community Hub

Global Climate Action Summit - San Francisco, September 2018

Dates: Sept 10 -15, 2018

Location:  The Village 969 Market St, San Francisco, CA, home of Madrone Studios

Convened by Hip Hop Caucus & If Not Us Then Who, set to coincide with the Global Climate Action Summit being held Sept 12 – 14 in San Francisco

The Village is a 17,000 square foot space that can accommodate up to 1,300 people.  We will have programming throughout all three floors of the expansive and centrally located space.  Madrone Studios is a 10 minute walk from the Moscone center where the Global Climate Action Summit will take place.



The Arts, Culture, and Community Hub (ACC Hub) aims to create a high profile space where leaders, activists, artists, and cultural influencers can come together to create meaningful, solutions-oriented connections promoting the intersectionality of climate and social justice.

The interconnectedness of climate and community justice solutions is well documented but is often missing from the broader public dialogues on climate change, and those most disproportionately affected by climate change are left unheard.

The ACC Hub will alter these dynamics by providing a platform for climate justice leaders from underrepresented communities. Developed by a coalition of groups working directly with Indigenous Peoples, communities of color, and frontline communities facing environmental destruction, the ACC hub is designed to communicate the need to solve the climate crisis while simultaneously addressing issues of health and economic justice.

The ACC hub will emphasize the arts as a means to inspire and motivate climate action. Art is a powerful catalyst for change, transcending language and identity to bring us together, to inspire and to creatively communicate the impacts of climate change that we collectively face.

The ACC hub is a collaborative, co-created space for us to work together in shifting the conversation to focus on underrepresented communities engaged in mitigating against climate change and altering our relationship to the natural world.

Who we are:

If Not Us Then Who? supports a global awareness campaign highlighting the role indigenous and local peoples play in protecting our planet. We work in partnership with communities to make films, take photographs, curate content, commission local artists and host events. Our work aims to build lasting networks, target unjust policies, and advocate for greater rights for indigenous and local peoples to bring about positive social change.  Many of our indigenous partners from around the world will be coming to California in September to participate in the Global Climate Summit and will be using the ACC Hub as their community corner.

Hip Hop Caucus empowers communities who are impacted first and worst by injustice. We link culture and policy to make our movements bigger, more diverse, and more powerful. We exist for everyone who identifies with Hip Hop culture to come together for positive change. Being part of Hip Hop Caucus means you can use your cultural expression to shape your political experience.

Why now?

The 2018 Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco is a critical gathering to advance and define climate leadership across state, tribal, and local governments, business, and grassroots projects around the world. We urgently need deeper commitments from governments, subnational governments, businesses, and communities everywhere –commitments that both meet the demands of science to stop climate change and the demands of communities on the frontlines of environmental destruction. The summit will offer a major opportunity to define an alternative vision for American engagement in mitigating against climate change based on localized action.

Core Components

1) Compelling Programming

The programming over the days of the Culture Hub will include:

    • Keynotes and Flash Talks: We will hear from high profile leaders and influencers, as well as prominent community, civic and elected leaders.   
    • Community Corner: Indigenous and community leaders host a space to share their wisdom and experience.  We will host a film and photo exhibition convened by the Hip Hop Caucus and If Not Us Then Who?.
    • Food Justice Cafe:  A cafe serving sustainable, local, and mostly vegan fare, doubling as a space for indigenous chefs to share traditional foods from different parts of the world.  
    • Virtual Reality: We will host a VR exhibition space on the bottom floor of the venue, where you will get a chance to viscerally understand the lived experience of indigenous and local communities on the front lines of climate activism.  
    • Street Art Project: Throughout the week, street artists will paint an immense mural on the exterior wall of The Village to celebrate community action for the climate.
    • Art Exhibition: Working with collectors and The Autry Museum of the West we will host an art exhibition that explores the human connection to land.
    • Action Center: Working with community partners we will host a space where people can learn how to take action and support bold climate justice advocacy.
    • Musical Performances: We will have musical performances from a diverse range of artists, and arrange interviews with the high profile and local musicians we engage.
    • Film Screenings: We will host a series of screenings in partnership with the Green Film Festival.
    • Large outdoor concert (potential): We will stage a concert for 3000 – 5000 in the space behind the venue featuring prominent global artists produced in partnership with the production company, Broccoli



2) Real-Time Production House

Livestreaming & Post Production

Programming, interviews, and performances will be filmed and edited around the clock and released in partnership with cultural, news, and environmental media platforms. Production house capacity for fast turnaround on video content will be built into the event.

Live Music Recordings

The venue has capabilities for recordings of live musical performances. We are going to work with artists to record some special live musical performances and release the music as singles or potentially a compilation EP or LP to be used as movement building tools beyond the Summit.

3) Communications and PR Operation

A digital communications team and a PR team will orchestrate communications strategies leading up to and throughout the ACC Hub to:

  • Create media partnerships for content distribution from the ACC Hub
  • Collaborate with all partners and influencers involved in the Hub on social media strategy
  • Pitch and book press interviews between outlets and leaders involved in the event
  • Coordinate access and press coverage of the different programming elements

Key media partners will have space to set up to make the Culture Hub a homebase for their coverage of the Summit. With designated space in the venue they will be able to conduct interviews, produce their pieces, and build relationships with the partners and leaders involved in the Culture Hub.

4) Convening and Movement Building Space for Leaders

For partners and leaders we will have a convening space, furnished for comfortable conversation and relationship building.

Partner Opportunities

Our come one, come allwe need everyone to change everything approach to the ACC Hub will mean we have space for all types of key partners.

For each type of partner there are opportunities to support with sponsorship funding and in-kind support. Further, there are ample opportunities to support with programming and content, creativity, leadership, and participation, such as:

Arts & Culture Partners

We seek arts and culture partners to sponsor / underwrite programming, contribute to our art exhibition, street art installation, musical performances, and panels and talks on the role of art and artists in movement building, and as communicators, messengers, and connectors.

Business Partners

We seek business partners to sponsor / underwrite programming, contribute to panels and talks on climate leadership, climate solutions, and clean energy industries, and to provide clean energy and sustainable product demonstrations.

Community Partners

We seek organizational community partners from climate and environmental movements, civil rights and social justice movements, indigenous rights movements, the immigration movement, women’s rights and LGBT movements, and community-based organizations. Community partners can sponsor / underwrite programming or contribute content, production, and anything else they are able to lend.

Media Partners

We seek media partners to sponsor / underwrite programming, contribute to the amplification of the content and messages generated at the ACC Hub. Media partners can be content distribution partners, contribute to content production, and can have a home base at the venue space for conducting interviews and covering the Summit.

Philanthropic Partners

We seek philanthropic partners to sponsor / underwrite programming, contribute to content and programming that includes discussions on the role of philanthropy in climate justice agendas, solutions, and community power building.  There are ample opportunities for branding across the space and on materials created to publicize for the culture hub.

Technology Partners

We seek technology partners to contribute to content, programming, and discussions on the role of tech in powering the transition to clean energy, and empowering movements and communities to demand and create a sustainable and just world.  

Contact: for more information.


Affiliated Partners

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