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Land grabbing for palm oil in Uganda


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Released: February 2015

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From Friends of the Earth

The Ugandan Government along with private investors Wilmar International and BIDCO are developing palm oil plantations on pristine islands in Kalangala, Lake Victoria. The project is promoted as bringing development to the islands, but communities who rely on subsistence agriculture and the local forests for survival say their land and livelihoods are being destroyed.

On her 2.5 acres of land in Kalangala, Uganda, Imelda grows sweet potatoes, cassava, banana, yams, and rears goats. She has 9 children. She and her family have been threatened by the palm oil company representatives who say that the land is theirs and want her to move away. Elite land owners are constantly looking for land to sell or lease to the company, everyone’s land or right to land is under scrutiny as profit motives begin to tear apart a subsistent society. Her husband is a heavy drinker and she sees no income from him, her only source of income is from the food she grows on her small plot of land.

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