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There are many ways you can get more involved with this project including sharing your stories from local communities



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Submit your film

If you have a strong emotionally charged and indigenous-led short film we would love to share it on this platform and help your film to reach new and wider audiences and to direct people to your website, campaign or project.

Please read the requirements and then complete this short form


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Submit a project or screening update – write a blog

Are you working on a project related to how indigenous peoples protect forests? Are you from a community and want to reach a wider audience with your story? Are you a student who has recently screened on the films to your local community? We would love to hear from you.

We are looking for relevant and exciting blog updates with photographs.

Blog requirements

Please write a short blog, between 400 and 900 words.



Next steps

Tips on sharing your blog post

Screen a film in your community

Help share these powerful stories, reach new audiences and inform the rest of the world about the role indigenous peoples play in protecting forests.

Select a film or two that resonate with you most, or are most relevant to your studies or your passions.

Maybe you are passionate to show how our demand for designer clothing leads to conflict in Indonesia? Watch From Our Ancestors

Maybe the Babassu women in Brazil inspire you? Watch Brazil’s Warrior Women

We have more than 13 films from tropical forest regions and more than 6 partner films that all articulate the message: indigenous peoples are heroes on the frontline of climate change; many risking their lives to protect their land and forests from conflicts that are often the result of the world’s overconsumption.

These stories touch on human rights, land rights, cultural heritage, drivers of deforestation, environmental crime and we need your help to show as many people as possible.

You could share a film on a social network, you could ask your teacher to show a film in your class or you could organise a screening in your local community!

We have prepared a screening pack to help get you started, frequent questions and tips. We have templates for posters and images you could use to advertise your event. Take a look at our screening tips and guide. Of course we want to support your event so let us know about it and share photos with us and on social media. Email [email protected] for further support.

We have prepared an educational pack for some of the core stories, packed with more detailed information about each of the stories to help inform you and inspire discussions after a screening. You can find these on the film pages.

Want to go that little bit further? Be a Global champion!

We are looking for volunteers across the world who want to share these messages with their community AND will help us reach strategic audiences in your country. If you have some time to spare, we would ask you to research your local and national media, traditional press and influential online sites and blogs. Please email [email protected] for more information and a Skype chat!

Join a small but powerful network, learn of our plans first and get these stories out there!