If not us the who?


Mapping Indigenous Community Action, Resistance and Culture

Firsthand footage of territorial and cultural resistance from indigenous communicators and local citizen journalists.

Decolonising media with direct video reports from the source.

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If you require the video to be published anonymously write ANON after your name.

What is the context of this video? What are your demands? Please include links to relevant websites and further information.

How to submit – 3 options: 1. Upload your video to youtube/vimeo/facebook and send us the video url. 2. Send your video via Dropbox/Wetransfer to [email protected] 3. Send your video via WhatsApp to +55 61 8561 3859 [include the name of the filmmaker and video title entered on the submission form in your message. Videos sent directly rather than uploaded to youtube/vimeo/facebook will be added to the dedicated If Not Us Then Who? LIVE youtube channel.]

Please enter your location Coordinates e.g. 39.000000, 34.000000

This will not be published. We will contact you if we need more information about the video or if there is interest from the press in your story.


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