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Nepal Visits Mexico To Learn About Community Forestry Management

From April 11 to 13 2018, Red MOCAF was the guide and host for a government commission from Nepal, who traveled to Mexico under the advice and support of the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) coalition, who made the link between the participants of both countries and coordinated the visit.

Mexico was selected for being a global leader in Community Social Management. In many ejidos (communal lands) local communities have created viable systems of community forest enterprises that generate income and job opportunities, in a sustainable and marketable approach that benefits not only the ejidatarios who own the land and their families, but hundreds of peasants inside and outside the ejido itself.

In Nepal, although the forests can be very productive, many forest communities still live in poverty, facing many problems, such as lack of work and income.

After this visit, the aim is to reinvent the forestry companies and policies in Nepal and to push for the approval of the National Forest Rights Law, in addition to building a local forest policy in the communities of the Asian country.

To learn more about Community Forest Management, do not miss the documentaries “Ejidos” and “Owners of the Forest“.