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Global Alliance of Territorial Communities at COP27

Indigenous peoples and local communities have been stewards of the earth and are key to combatting the challenges of our time. GATC went to COP27 to continue working for the protection of Mother Earth and follow up on past commitments. Watch all the videos to learn more.

COP27 APIB - The Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

The indigenous leaders of the APIB raised their voices to claim the demarcation of their traditional territories. They asked leaders to understand that any strategy for climate change must inevitably include Indigenous peoples.

COP27 COICA - The Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin

Do you want to know about the COICA action plan defending the Amazon basin? Indigenous peoples have called on the governments of the nine countries that share the Amazon to avoid crossing climate change indices that have no return. All COICA members passionately protect their territories and build transversal alliances to keep one of the lungs of the planet alive.

COP27 REPALEAC - The Network of Indigenous and Local Populations for the Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa

The Congo Basin is the second largest rainforest in the world, an essential lifeline for all humanity that is calling for a widespread effort to protect it. Watch the video to learn what the indigenous and local communities of REPALEAC did during their participation in COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh to advance the protection of key ecosystems and peoples in the region.

Women at COP27

Climate change impacts women disproportionately, they must shoulder a larger burden in this matter. Nevertheless, women’s ancestral knowledge and wisdom are fundamental to lead us in the right direction towards winning the fight against climate change through the care of the land, sustainable production and economic empowerment. Indigenous women must be included in the access to direct funding.

COP27 Youth

The youth from indigenous and local communities came to COP27 to decide over the faith of their territories. Armed with ancestral and technological knowledge they sat down at the decision-making tables and talked about the solutions they are leading in the main ecosystems of the world.

What happened at COP27?

Follow the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities during COP27.