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Sani Montahuano Ushigua


Sany is a woman from the Sapara nationality, and at the age of 15, she began to engage in environmental activism. She also collaborates in theatrical productions within her culture.


Sany is a filmmaker with Tawna Films.


“I am from afar, from the Amazon. Where the children run barefoot and play naked in the jungle, where the women laugh, where the elders guide their children as they walk. I come from the great Sapara womb, cradle of thousands of dreams, ancestral knowledge and filled with the great virgin jungle.

I have seen a lot of resistance over many years.

Continued resistance against that corrupt government and large oil and mining companies that want to make the remaining Amazon disappear.

Now that I feel and see my people in this fight, I raise my voice so that they do not destroy my home. I work in Tawna to show our struggle, our jungle and our people through film, so that the world knows there are peoples who resist to protect the great Amazon.”


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