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Films sur l’Amérique Centrale

Découvrez ces films courts tournés en Amérique Centrale et découvrez comment des
communautés autochtones de toute la région protègent leurs forêts.

Being Emberá

Reclaiming and strengthening indigenous culture is vital to maintaining ancestral connections to nature. This must be passed onto futur...l.


After a seven year battle, a landmark Demarcation law was passed in 2003 for the Awas-Tingi territory in Nicaragua. The ruling demonstr...t.

Pana Pana

On the 12th September 2013 the Honduran government granted almost 7% of its territory to the indigenous Miskito people who have lived t...d.

Sustainable Solution

Imagine communities and land-owners being paid by the government to protect their forests & natural resources? Costa Rica is the only t...s.

Charlie Taylor, A Death in the Forest

See the full film :

Protecting Panamá

Guna communities have long been recognised for protecting the forests along their coastline; despite significant threats from farming a...s.