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If Not Us Then Who supports environmental leadership from Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities to build networks and cultivate inclusive impact driven storytelling.


If Not Us Then Who works in partnership with communities to co-create impact-driven art and media – telling stories through film, photography, podcasts, writing and digital communications

Knowledge Sharing

If Not Us Then Who works with Indigenous, Afro-descendent and Local Community filmmakers & photographers to support their journey to becoming professional creatives – curating learning spaces for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, providing mentorship, delivering training and developing opportunities to distribute their work.

Impact Events

In collaboration with our global partners, If Not Us Then Who produces an impact event series ‘Our Village’ – experiential gatherings where communities, activists, artists, and decision makers connect to showcase ideas and generate dialogue and collaboration, with the shared vision of healing our planet.


Launching a fresh batch of films by our Emerging Filmmakers

The Emerging Filmmakers program is starting its third year, and we are celebrating by showcasing the films from our first cohort. The program, funded by CLUA, The Tenure Facility and the Perspective Fund, is aimed at mid-stage creatives in Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. Through one-on-one mentorship, masterclasses, financial support and impact campaigning we have been partnering with our mentees since 2021. And now, we are releasing a set of films created by these Emerging Filmmakers in Indonesia, Mesoamerica, the Amazon Basin and Brazil. Have a look at their trailers and films and share the word.

Knowledge Sharing

Since 2013 If Not Us Then Who? has been connecting with and amplifying communicators from across the tropical forests regions.

Vibrant Indigenous visual storytelling supports:

Cultural resilience and resistance

Record ancestral knowledge and raise pride and profile of Indigenous Communities

Defence of Indigenous territories and rights

Digital storytelling enables injustices and incursions to be denounced to the world and catalyse action against them

Building solidarity

Sharing stories and solutions across greater distances than ever before


Indigenous Peoples are guardians of 80% of the world’s biodiversity and strong Indigenous land rights have been recognised as an important climate solution

If Not Us Then Who? works with Indigenous networks and NGOs to deliver strategic communications and capacity building.


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