Reforestation Alert

La reforestación sigue la protección del territorio


Duración: 6:58

Disponible en 4 idiomas

Lanzamiento: September 2020

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Using new technology local indigenous communities in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon are not only successfully fending off illegal logging they are also monitoring new reforestation initiatives.

As part of a project run by Rainforest Foundation US, The Indigenous Organization of the Eastern Peruvian Amazon (ORPIO-AIDESEP) and World Resources Institute, this film picks off where its predecessors Rainforest Alert closes in 2019.

In the community of Buen Jardin, after reporting a dunce’ to the regional government, they have been free of illegal deforestation. Reforest Alert explores how the community is responding in their second phase; reforestation. The group work together to share up land for protection and determine which trees they will plant, reforest together and collate data.

In 2020 the community have been hit hard by Covid-19.

In this story of community resilience we still find hope.

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Recognition to Land, Territories and Resources

Communities need ownership over their ancestral land in order to protect forests. With no formal land title traditional communities often face serious conflict when trying to evict illegal loggers, poachers and land grabbers. Who will believe their claims without precise maps and legal title deeds?

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