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Climate Week NYC 2022 – Watch the highlights

Climate Week NYC brought together the most influential leaders in climate action from business, government, and the climate community. From panel discussions, and marches, to an epic NYC tour spreading climate action key messages, through our Climate Justice Bus.

Check out the week’s highlights and get inspired by black and indigenous leaders demanding climate justice now.

Demanding Climate Justice Now!

Indigenous peoples and local communities took the streets of New York, demanding that governments and the international community generate concrete actions for the protection of forests and life.

Climate Justice Bus

“Climate justice is racial justice!” In partnership with The Hoopbus, Black & Indigenous Movement, and Hip Hop Caucus, and Beyond the Board, we took the message of climate justice and railled by two buses through the streets of Manhattan to share stories from the frontlines of climate impact while showcasing BIPOC art, played music, spokedn words by activists and leaders.

Climate March

Youth and indigenous leaders took the streets of NYC during the Climate March, demanding climate justice now. Hear inspiring messages from João Victor Pankarau and Yaily Castillo. “The future is indigenous, the future is local”.

Thank you to all the partners who supported us in bringing our voices to NYC.

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