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Emerging Filmmakers

What is the Emerging Filmmakers Program?

The Emerging Filmmakers Professional Development Program is the latest chapter of If Not Us Then Who’s work with Indigenous and Local Community filmmakers. This project builds on introductory-level film training programs carried out in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Indonesia, and Brazil, with a range of regional partners, which we have now developed to provide onward capacity-building for trainees as they expand their production and establish themselves in the filmmaking industry.

The program has the participation of around 40 filmmakers from Indigenous and Local Communities in the Global South with masterclass sessions around storytelling, production and distribution; one-on-one mentorships around their audiovisual projects; direct funds for their productions; and ongoing impact support for campaigns about their films.

This program is supported by the Climate and Land Use Alliance CLUA, the Perspective Fund and the Tenure Facility.

Watch Films

We’re delighted to share with you the films directed by the Emerging Filmmakers throughout the last two years of our Mentorship Program. Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Coming Soon

Here you can find the trailers for the films created by our mentees, which will be available soon! Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

With this dialogue of knowledge, we hope to continue honoring our ancestors by practicing the gift of storytelling, rethinking and strengthening our own identity.

David Hernandez Palmar
Co-Director of Emerging Filmmakers Professional Development Programme | Wayuu people

Meet Our Mentees

The Emerging Filmmakers Program is now running on its second year, and we are thrilled to share with you the profiles of some of the individuals and collectives that are a part of it:

Professional Development Highlights

The Emerging Filmmakers Program goes beyond the training and development of a single audiovisual project: we believe in creating powerful spaces for developing career, territorial and advocacy work from the mentees and their organizations. The Program bridges our mentees to many opportunities around campaigning, connecting with industry leaders and mainstream media, and creating impact plans for their films and their careers.

Professional development opportunities our mentees connect with have included:

Producing the ‘Indigenous Imaginarium’

An If Not Us Then Who? initiative to bridge international Indigenous filmmakers to the media industry in Los Angeles: A global fellowship of 23 Indigenous storytellers from the Americas, Asia to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, to depths of the Amazon, the Caribbean, and North America, shared their personal experiences from within their lens, through a journey of their cultural stories and histories, to re-imagine our collective climate future.

I never imagined coming to this territory because of situations of discrimination and immigration problems. Being here and with the privilege of coming to train, I see a part of the cinema monster, the arts, and new technologies.

Tirza Yanira Ixmucané
Mayan K’iche | Guatemala

Connecting the films to International film festivals and events

Bringing projections, panels and live speaking opportunities at festivals like the FIFEQ, the Latin American Forum on Social Impact Films, the UNDP Climate action events and the Camden International Film Festival, among others.

Supporting commission opportunities for filmmakers and their collective initiatives

Connecting Indigenous creatives on the ground with global partners like Nature for Climate, the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities and the Tenure Facility to develop stories and guarantee fair and equitable conditions for them and their partners in production.

The impact of our Emerging Filmmakers Program is aimed at connecting with their priorities for distribution, supporting the demands of their communities and increasing their visibility and profiles with key partners in the industry and the social movements. As we continue to grow and connect with the stories of creatives on the ground, keep following our highlights and join us for offline and online actions to display the stories of Emerging Filmmakers.