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Impact Events

As part of our commitment to elevating diverse climate voices, we curate experiential gatherings that support locally based climate action, prioritizing Indigenous, Local, and Afro-descendant Communities. We champion creativity that promotes intercultural collaboration, highlighting frontline issues to advance the demands of local communities.

If Not Us Then Who, in collaboration with our global partners, produces a series of these yearly impact events that help to reframe climate narratives and inspire action. Please join us.

Our Village Community Corner

In collaboration with our global partners, If Not Us Then Who produces an impact event series, ‘Our Village’ – experiential gatherings where communities, activists, artists, and decision-makers connect to showcase ideas and generate dialogue and collaboration with the shared vision of healing our planet.

Explore Previous Events

NYC Climate Week 2023

During our two days of programming, we participated in dialogues to amplify ideas, generate action, and meaningfully connect through inclusive spaces, forging cooperative relationships for the healing of our planet.

Along with panels and discussions, ‘Our Village’ hosted networking opportunities, showcased films made by Indigenous and Black storytellers, Music Festival and more.


During COP27, If Not Us Then Who – in collaboration with the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities (GATC), the Tenure Facility, and other partners – hosted a series of events and large scale projection mapping installations to amplify indigenous voices, art, music, film, conversations, and demands – highlighting the importance of Indigenous leadership, traditional knowledge, territorial sovereignty and land rights in the protection of the world’s biodiversity and ecological wellbeing.

What is Climate Justice?

October 12th is the International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Abya Yala! In 2021, If Not Us Then Who? partnered with the Black and Indigenous Liberation Movement (BILM) to commemorate this day of action, symbolizing our growing historical consciousness and anti-colonial resistance expressed in our political, cultural, and artistic movements.

Since 2014, at our events, we have been asking questions that resonate with our passion to heal the earth. We believe the earth is only healed through healing people and that is why our questions revolve around climate justice, racial justice, land stewardship and understanding solutions through open dialogue. ‘Our Village’ is our space to have this dialogue and we hope that the power of these questions will support you, as it has us, to progress, to heal our planet and to know what it is to be human – If Not Us Then Who?

Indigenous Imaginarium

A gathering of Indigenous Creatives with Hollywood Industry to re-imagine our climate futures

Bringing together Indigenous filmmakers, artists, activists, and industry professionals. A multi-day training program for aspiring Indigenous, Afro-descendent, and local storytellers.

Alongside directors, cinematographers, producers, and influencers based in Los Angeles, the filmmakers will develop their craft and be paired with industry mentors to form new story ideas and influence and inspire the stories of the future. Providing networking opportunities and fostering collaborations.

Collaborating with other events

In addition to the events we produce, INUTW collaborates as a contributor to relevant impact events as a programming partner or as a media partner.

Programming Partner

Curating leaders, activists, and storytellers from our network to participate in discussions and panels, as well as host film screenings. We cultivate meaningful and impactful programming to add to aligned events.

Media Partner

Sending our Indigenous and non-Indigenous multi-media teams to provide communications, film coverage, photography, and storytelling for key experiences such as global climate conferences.

Contact us

Have questions or want to get in touch with us about participating or supporting our Impact Events? Please feel free to reach out through the provided contact information, and we’ll be delighted to connect with you. Contact us here

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