Who will stop ‘this madness’ of climate change, ‘if not us, then who, if not now, then when?’ Yeb Sano

If Not Us Then Who is a US registered charity, 501(c)(3) that supports a global awareness campaign highlighting the role indigenous and local peoples play in protecting our planet. We work in partnership with communities to make films, take photographs, curate content, commission local artists and host events. Our work aims to build lasting networks, target unjust policies, and advocate for greater rights for indigenous and local peoples to bring about positive social change.

Participatory Films for Campaigning

All the films made for the If Not Us Then Who project are participatory – we work with indigenous peoples to tell the stories they want to tell. From Indonesia to Peru, we have been working with indigenous networks to interpret their experience and, as a result, the material you see on this website broadly reflects the work of our core partners- AMAN, AMPB, APIB and COICA.

Our goal is ultimately to give the material back to communities so they can use them to campaign and affect change at a local level.  We support this work by bringing our material to the attention of international audiences through events and by creating specific social media content to raise awareness. This is vital in an age when over consumption of commodities directly affects local communities.

Our material is being used by many international non-governmental Organisations (Global Witness, Rainforest Foundation, ISA, Rainforest Action Network) to inform policy makers in large corporations and in governments of the needs of communities. The material is a doorway into understanding complex issues such as climate change or the commodities trade, at a community level.

When the timing is right our material has also been used by journalists, featuring  in Le Monde, El Pais, The New York Times, The Guardian, Mongabay, BBC online and in many other publications.

We hope this material is used to educate and inform, to change minds and to appeal to the heart.

Capacity Building

We are building up our series of training sessions for our indigenous partners, empowering their own storytelling.

Curating Indigenous Stories & Storytelling

As the project has evolved, we are now looking beyond our own content to build a visual library of indigenous storytelling and high quality short films relevant to the growing global indigenous movement.

Purpose & Governance

The specific objectives and purposes of this organisation are to:

  1. Combat climate crisis by providing support for the protection of the natural world through developing participatory communications materials with indigenous and rural communities; 
  2. Provide communications support to local and indigenous communities so they can affect change at a local, national and international level.
  3. Build a network of local communities and indigenous peoples through events, by promoting participatory media content and by supporting community finance mechanisms.

Theory of Change and Roadmap

Our Board will always be at least 50% indigenous:

Financial Records

We publish our 501(c)3 exemption application for public inspection.

Download our Form 990 for accounting period ending 2018:

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