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Bukola Jejeloye


Bukola Jejeloye is the Managing Director and Founder of Offline Diplomat, an advisory firm providing strategic planning, international relations and development, ESG, sustainability & partnerships advisory to global governments, international organizations, and the private sector. He was previously a Principal at Skoll Foundation leading its Climate Action, Community Support and Nuclear Non-Proliferation teams; and a founding Vice President of ESG and CSR at Black Rhino Group. In addition, he has experience working with multilateral development and finance institutions including the United Nations, African Union, African Development Bank, World Bank, ECOWAS, etc.

Bukola has a J.D. in Law from Columbia University, M.S. in Nuclear Engineering and Technology Management from MIT, and B.S. in Nuclear and Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Bukola advises and serves on the Boards of World Benchmarking Alliance, Rashak Agro-Allied Limited, N-Square, African Visionary Fund (Selection Committee) and is currently the Finance Committee Chair of the Board of If Not Us Then Who, Inc. Find out more here.