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Yaily Castillo


Yaily comes from the region of Guna Yala, Panama. She studied a degree in Sanitation and Environment in the Technological University of Panama. Since a young age Yaily showed an interest in the fields of environmental protection, arts, and science, and how these subjects can positively impact people during their youth.

She is an active member of the indigenous NGO CENDAH (Center of Environmental and Human Development), and manages environmental education. Yaily also assists in tasks related to research and monitoring of mangroves and ocean water quality, along with research activities related to the fiddler crab in conjunction with the Panamanian Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research.

She also volunteers at the international NGO MarAlliance, organizing theoretical and practical educational workshops related to climate change, wastewater treatment and mangrove management, for both primary and secondary school students in the Guna Yala region, including community members and fishermen.

What motivates you?

“Impacting generations through art and science.”