Yanomami Mushrooms: from forest to table

Traditional knowledge and territorial protection


Duration: 02:32

Available in 2 languages

Released: October 2017

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The Yanomami Mushrooms are the first edible mushrooms native from the Amazon. Launched in 2016, the ingredient of the forest has reached different parts of Brazil and of the world, carrying with it the value of the territory and indigenous knowledge, as well a great flavor. The sale of the Yanomami Mushroom is part of an effort to ensure the well-being of the indigenous communities, both now and in the future, as they live the challenges brought about by a recent but striking contact with the non-indigenous world and are threatened by constant invasions of gold miners.

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Recognition to Land, Territories and Resources

Communities need ownership over their ancestral land in order to protect forests. With no formal land title traditional communities often face serious conflict when trying to evict illegal loggers, poachers and land grabbers. Who will believe their claims without precise maps and legal title deeds?

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