Putting Down Roots: The forest communities fighting climate change

Working with local communities to restore degraded forest ecosystems

Brazil, Nepal, Scotland

Duration: 14:46

Available in 2 languages

Released: March 2018

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Beyond Borders - Joel Redman

Forests cover 30% of the land on Earth. It’s easy to mistake them for a wilderness, but the majority of the world’s forests are in fact inhabited.

And although these communities might live thousands of miles apart… almost all share one thing in common. For centuries, they have been discriminated against and marginalised.

But as the links between forests and our climate become ever more apparent, will we finally enable forest communities, so long treated as obstacles to progress, play a leading role in the fight against climate change?

To find out more read: www.fern.org/returnofthetrees

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Recognition to Land, Territories and Resources

Communities need ownership over their ancestral land in order to protect forests. With no formal land title traditional communities often face serious conflict when trying to evict illegal loggers, poachers and land grabbers. Who will believe their claims without precise maps and legal title deeds?

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