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Earth Day 2016

As the Paris Agreement was being ratified in the UN building in New York, on Earth Day 2016 indigenous leaders come together to demonstrate their role in climate change solutions.

Take a look at their activity.

Indigenous Leaders March

After gathering at Ford for a panel briefing on April 21st, Indigenous leaders marched toward the UN building to bring awareness to the many lives taken by miners and loggers who have been killing people in their communities to take away their land. One day before the signing of the ‪#‎Parisagreement‬, implementation plans by UN nations continue to neglect the rights of indigenous communities who have been protecting our forests and mitigating climate change for centuries.

Forests for Climate Panel

April 21st, 2016 Alec Baldwin, Diana Rios, Alex Soros, Frances Seymour, Mina Setra, and Helen Clark came together to discuss deforestation, indigenous rights, and climate change on the eve of the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement and Earth Day 2016.Organised by UNDP and Ford Foundation.

Earth Day Candle Light Vigil, New York City with Jungle-ized

On the eve of Earth Day 2016 a candle lit vigil was held in memory of environment defenders killed defending the world's forests. Indigenous leaders from Indonesia, Peru & Panama speak out about the importance of the forests and the lengths their loved ones and communities go to protect them. In partnership with David de Rothschild, Voice for Nature, Soundwalk Collective and Times Square Arts, Jungle-ized and Rainforest Foundation US. Poignant vocals by Carolina Oliveros.

Earth Day Women's March - New York 2016

When the Paris Agreement is being signed in the UN, Women, including indigenous leaders from Guatemala and Indonesia spoke about the need for their role to be recognised in the fight for climate change and climate justice. Organised by the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice.