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Justice For Saweto

Emblematic case finally goes to court after 5 years since four indigenous leaders were murdered in the Peruvian Amazon. If Not Us Then Who has been working with the Saweto community and allies to tell their story over the years.

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Our Fight

On 1st September 2014 Edwin Chota and three indigenous Asháninka leaders were murdered while defending their forests. They had been denouncing the increasingly violent illegal loggers operating on their ancestral lands for over a decade with little recognition from the government. Through their widows, family and friends we learn about their ongoing fight for land […]

Justice For Saweto - 5 years on

Five years ago, Diana Rios’ father, an #indigenous leader & environmental defender, was murdered. Diana has been fighting for justice...

Democracy Now saweto

Democracy Now interviewed the widows while they were in Lima for the UN Climate Change Conference. December 2014

If Not Us Then Who
Diana Rios

Diana Rios is an Ashaninka youth leader from Alto-Tamaya Saweto in the central Peruvian rainforest. In this video she speaks about the ....

Antamiki - Musicians meet Diana Rios

Illegal logging is a threat to the world's forests and to the many people who rely on them. “Antamiki” follows a group of musicians...l.

Indigenous Leaders March

After gathering at Ford for a panel briefing on April 21st, Indigenous leaders marched toward the UN building to bring awareness to the...s.