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Life as an indigenous activist: Michael's Vlog

Michael McGarrell, of the Patamona peoples from Guayana vlogs about his life as an indigenous activist.

Michael's vlog #1 - "This is part of what I do"

During a field trip, Michael McGarrell hiked from Kaibarupai to Ayanganna and back to Kaibarupai. He learned after being back to Kaibar.....

Michael VLOG #2 - "We do mapping our territories"

Michael McGarrell tells you how and why he uses ATVs to map the territories of his people.

Michael VLOG #3 - "No matter where we come from we are brothers and sisters"

Michael McGarrell tells you more about his trip to the Yurok territory with the #guardiansoftheforest alliance.

VLOG #4 - "As indigenous peoples, we want to help you to fight climate change"

On September 27th of 2019, more than 7 million people around the world took to the streets to demand action on the climate crisis. The ...

VLOG #5 - "Over the years, many of our lands has been given up to concessions without our consent."

Indigenous communities in Guyana’s scenic and culturally rich interior are in a race against an invasion of extractive industry - tri...