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Our Village 2020

Whether you live in a tropical forest or a North American city, we all belong to the same planet, the same future. We belong to the same global village. This is the sentiment behind “OUR VILLAGE virtual”. In the global village to which we all belong, climate change and environmental injustice are inextricably  linked to the struggles of communities and peoples underrepresented in the political process and oppressed by systemic racism, poverty, and inequality. 

All around the world local communities are responding to climate change with powerful resilience, innovative action, and a spirit that can profoundly impact our world. OUR VILLAGE invites people from all walks of life to belong to a community inspired by justice and our connection to the earth. 

OUR VILLAGE is a conversation, a convening, cultural hub, and immersive experience, bringing indigenous peoples, communities of color, and grassroots voices to the forefront.

Our Village 2020 – June 22-26

Please note – these are currently multi-language – in a few weeks subtitles will be added in 3 languages.

Our Village 2020 - Day 1

What is there to believe in? Spirituality in a Time of Crisis. In a world angry about racial inequality we hear from those on the front...

Our Village 2020 - Day 2

How do we stop forest fires? Using tech and fighting fires. On Tuesday we’ll be joined by Daniel Haratuma Javaé, indigenous fire fig...

Our Village 2020 - Day 3

How do we stop exploiting our planet? Tactics to stop extraction. Dallas Goldtooth, Bernadette Demientieff and Tara Houska hold a speci...

Our Village 2020 - Day 4

What brings us together? Looking at the big picture. Hosted by Yeb Sano, with live mural drawing by his brother AG Sano, we’ll explor...

Our Village 2020 - Day 5

How do we tell our story? Storytelling for a new generation – Hear the innovative storytelling techniques from the forest and meet th...