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Our Village: In conversation

Since our launch in 2014 If Not Us Then Who have hosted innovative community spaces at key global moments. We call these events Our Village – a space art and activism intersects, where indigenous peoples and local communities join with NGOs and allies, strategise, discuss and commune.

Here is a curated list of those discussions and performances over the years.

Our Village 2019 - New York City

In 2019 Our Village popped up in New York City for the much anticipated UN #ClimateAction Summit. We took over the Helen Mills centre Join us in for a culture hub + immersive experience bringing together global leaders, community activists, & artists to create meaningful & just solutions to #ClimateChange.

Our Village 2020 - Day 1

What is there to believe in? Spirituality in a Time of Crisis.

In a world angry about racial inequality we hear from those on the frontlines – our opening session will be with Mina Setra, Celia Xakriabá and Rev Yearwood, a moment to reflect on injustice and the state of our world today. Followed by a Guardians of the Forest update on Covid-19, from Rukka Sombolinggi, Levi Sucre, Sonia Guajajara, Olo Villalaz, Eric Marky Terena and Erisvan Guajajara. As well as an update by Amazon Frontlines on community resilience, photography exhibition and a musical performance from Kaê Guajajara.

Hosted by Oona Chaplin.

Our Village: From Empathy to Action : Using Virtual Reality for Social Good

Our Village Flash Talks : Sônia Guajajara

Sônia Guajajara - Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (APIB)

Consent and Community driven decision making
Read the full text of these demands at

Our Village 2020 - Day 2

How do we stop forest fires? Using tech and fighting fires.

On Tuesday we’ll be joined by Daniel Haratuma Javaé, indigenous fire fighter, plus leading researchers and climate experts for a press conference on fires, respiratory health and community monitors. Followed by a curated photo exhibition from local photographers on the community response to forest fires. The second half will explore the use of technology for community monitoring, from GPS mapping and new tools to the latest drone technology. Joined by Jessica Webb, Carlos Doviaza and Byron Hernández.

We’ll close with a special live musical performance from La Tribu.

Hosted by Wanda Bautista.

Our Village: Indigenous Communities Saving Forests with New Technology

Our Village Flash Talks : Rukka Sombolinggi

Rukka Sombolinggi - Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (AMAN)

Consent & Community Driven Decision Making

Our Village 2020 - Day 3

How do we stop exploiting our planet? Tactics to stop extraction.

Dallas Goldtooth, Bernadette Demientieff and Tara Houska hold a special discussion on Stopping the Money Pipeline: Indigenous-led Efforts to Defund Fossil Fuels with Rainforest Action Network. With Poder and Peru Equidad we’ll explore deadly extractives and how to fight them. Rainforest Foundation US will lead a panel on their latest campaign stopping illegal gold mining in Brazil joined by Dario Kopenawa Yanomami. And finally, with CONAQ and the Hip Hop Caucus, we’ll explore how the consequences of extraction in Brazil connect to the Black Lives Matter movement in America.

Our Village: How our work on securing rights benefit the next generation?

Our Village - Climate action by the people - #Guardiansoftheforest 2018

Our Village is a convening, cultural hub, and immersive experience, bringing indigenous peoples, communities of color, and grassroots voices to the forefront of the climate action.

OUR VILLAGE aims to explore innovative solutions to the demands of indigenous peoples and communities of color to support locally driven action on climate change, injustice, and inequality. All around the world local communities are responding to climate change with powerful resilience, innovative action, and a spirit that can profoundly impact our world.

Our Village 2020 - Day 4

What brings us together? Looking at the big picture.

Hosted by Yeb Sano, with live mural drawing by his brother AG Sano, we’ll explore cosmology. Kicking off with a conversation between an astronaut, a religious leader and an Indigenous leader, Jessica Meir, Dr. Audrey Kitagawa and Rukka Sumbolingi respectively, facilitated by Kaitlin Yarnall from National Geographic. Following that blockbuster panel we will learn about NASA’s partnership with indigenous communities through satellite based spatial mapping and we will understand true community resilience from Indonesia and Costa Rica. We’ll also be joined by the recently announced 2020 Equator Prize winners followed by indigenous music from Toraja, Indonesia – Tendoki.