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Elio Cunampio


Traditional Emberal Painter and Photographer


Elio Cunampio is an Indigenous Embera community in Panama. Like many Indigenous People, he faced discrimination simply because of his Indigenous heritage. This led him to mistakenly believe that being Indigenous had no value and caused him to try to forget his cultural practices. However, as he grew older, some people helped him change this perception. Consequently, he embarked on a journey to rediscover and learn more about his roots and origins. He has been actively involved in preserving and conserving Embera culture through photography and videos.


Elio’s mission is to prevent future generations from seeing being Indigenous as a negative attribute, to correct this misconceived notion, and to allow them to appreciate the beauty of Indigenous heritage. Additionally, he aims to emphasize the cultural significance of body painting, as Embera culture is closely intertwined with the forest, and preserving their culture means safeguarding the forest as well.


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