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Laura Ríos


Social Communicator, Photographer and Audiovisual Producer


Laura is a dynamic Afro-Colombian communicator, photographer, and audiovisual producer specializing in gender and ethnicity. With expertise in peace, historical memory, ecofeminism, and the environment, she excels in facilitating workshops and communicative processes in Indigenous, Afro-descendant, and rural communities across Colombia.


Laura has collaborated with international agencies like UN Women, public media outlets, and various social organizations in Caquetá, Chocó, and Tolima. Her contributions include podcast creation, scriptwriting, and still photography for music videos and documentaries in the Chocó department and San Basilio de Palenque.


Deeply connected to her Afro-Colombian roots, Laura’s work explores intimate spaces and rituals of resistance, reframing collective memory in Afro-descendant communities. Emphasizing human relationships with surroundings, she contributes to symbolic reparation through photography and visual arts with a gender and ethnic/racial focus.

For Laura, photography and visual arts are pathways for alternative storytelling, with collaborative processes crucial for creative development. Her projects aim to decolonize visual practices, offering fresh perspectives on Black Afro-descendant identity in Colombia. Currently, she is engaged in communicative and community cinema processes with Afro-descendant women and youth in San Basilio de Palenque and the Chocó department.


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