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Luis Carlos Enqueri


Carlos is a documentary film maker who lives in the community of Waorani Titepare, in the Amazonian Region of Ecuador. His role involves the showcasing and storytelling of Waorani lives through his audio-visual productions. A few years ago he started visiting several territories where he noticed a big impact from the oil and mining industries. At that moment, he decided to start telling his people about these environmental disasters using short videos, with the intention of reminding them that the future depends entirely on the protection of the forest and raising awareness about how serious the impact of pollution is.

Carlos is an environmentalist and believes that this is a position any indigenous person should hold. Since he had no other choice but to learn about the struggles of the Waorani resistance, he started to work with Alianza Ceibo – an organization which is supported by local foundations and aims at raising awareness about the environmental and cultural impacts caused by the oil industry.