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Nazario Tiul


Nazario Tiul Choc is from a community known as Cooperativa Unión Maya Itzá (a community that was repatriated from Mexico to Guatemala in 1995 and formed part of the guerrilla corps during the internal conflict in Guatemala), in the banks of river Usumacinta, Las Cruces, Petén, Guatemala. When he was a child, his family migrated to a nearby community named Cooperativa La Lucha, municipality of La Libertad, Petén.

In 2019, thanks to his excellent work in the Organization and in REDCOMPA (Popular Communicators Network of ACOFOP), he made his way to the Forest Community Association of Peten, where he was in charge of strengthening the communication department in the ACOFOP headquarters. This gave him the opportunity to give general support to the 24 Organizations, among which stands his community. Nazario also supports video editing work. He learnt how to master software such as Filmora Pro, Filmora 9, Premier Pro, Adobe Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve 17 for video making.