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Sara Aliaga Ticona

Bolivia | Aymara

Photography Mentor


Sara Aliaga Ticona is an Aymara Indigenous Bolivian social communicator, photojournalist, and visual artist. As a photographer, she conceives image creation as a social tool for the reclamation of identity. Her visual research converges on themes such as gender, identity, human rights, the climate crisis, and their distinct impact on indigenous communities, constructing symbolic, conceptual, and documentary narratives.


Through her work, she strives to develop discourses that contribute to a more conscious collective visual memory, dignifying topics that resonate with her life as an indigenous woman and photographer.


Graduated from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, she has worked in various print media in Bolivia; With publications, in National Geographic, UNICEF, The Guardian, BBC, El Pais, the research magazine of the University of Bern, Switzerland, and others. And has conducted Exhibitions in New York, Paris, Washington, Texas, Normandy, Canada, India, Antarctica, Milan, Switzerland, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. Also the Founder of the first collective of Bolivian photographers – War-MiPhoto and organizer of the First Residence in Gender Narrative “Exisitimos“.


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