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Yarixa Torres


Yarixa comes from the region of Guna Yala, in the Caribbean coast of Panama. She was born and raised in Panama, and is currently studying a degree in Preschool Education in the University there. When very young, she started travelling to the Guna Yala region and fell in love with the environment, the marine ecosystem, and the children. Those experiences made her choose a career in education.

Yarixa is a volunteer in the international NGO MarAlliance, where she organizes educational workshops on marine megafauna and the importance of recycling for primary and secondary school students in the Guna Yala region, as well as for fishermen. Being a volunteer in this organization gave her the opportunity to live new experiences and travel to different islands of Guna Yala which she had never visited before. Currently, she is an active member of the Center of Environmental and Human Development (CENDAH).