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Voices of Amerikua: Moretecocha, Ecuador

Comunidad de Ecuador lucha contra amenazas de petróleo




August 2015



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  • Ecuador
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The community of Morete Cocha is located in the region of Pastaza Province in the Amazon region of Ecuador.
Like many other communities Morete Cocha is under threat by interest of oil companies seeking to exploit crude in the communities land.  This is the story of community’s search for environmental and cultural preservation.

The phrase » Sumak Kawsay » means good life in the Kichwa language. In many communities in South America this term refers to a way of living in harmony with ourselves , with our community and with nature.

The concept of Sumak Kawsay was incorporated in the Constitution of Ecuador in 2008 , this was the first country to legally recognize the Rights of Nature .

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