Beyond the films

Using our powerful visuals we are organising a global roadshow to reach new audiences and help build a movement in support of the indigenous fight to protect forests.

Since our launch in September 2014 we have hosted 14 events in 4 countries including in Paris at COP21, where 195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal. Our events have been in New York, Lima, Indonesia, Germany and France and they have been photo exhibitions, press conferences, musical events, art spaces, film screenings and high level dialogues. We want people to connect emotionally and intellectually to the people in our stories. The ‘If Not Us Then Who?’ awareness campaign hopes to create a space where experts, decision makers and the public can build understanding that inspires and networks that last.

Our ultimate goal is to draw attention to the wider issue of deforestation, community-based solutions and to put pressure on governments to ensure they fulfil their commitments to slowing climate change.

Stay in touch to find out more about our next events.

Where we have been


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