Indigenous rap on the pandemic and coronavirus

Brazilian indigenous rap in response to Covid-19


Duration: 2:39

Available in 2 languages

Released: March 2020

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“We ask for protection from all our relatives and brothers in the struggle in this moment of global pandemic.

We indigenous people know very well what it is to face illnesses that have come from afar, without a cure even from our traditional medicines. All of us who live today are the survivors of countless epidemics that wiped out entire peoples and destroyed many others. We are the resistance today to all that has hit and hits us, the fruits of our strength in raising ourselves after each fall. We are the ones who insisted on standing and assuming who we are and we will never leave. May Ñawêra give us the way and protect us in this new storm. Force warriors and warriors!”

Kaê Guajajara and Kandu Puri

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