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Guardians of the forest: Brazil

The day in the life of an environment defender in Brazil




December 2018



  • Activism
  • Biodiversity
  • Brazil
  • Climate Change
  • Fighting Big Corporations
  • Land Rights
  • Participatory-made film
  • Resource Extraction

Directed by Benjamin Ross & Brittany Neff, a CoReality & Scenic production.

The Amazon is burning. Decades of environmental protections have been undone and ecological devastation has accelerated to an unimaginable pace and scale. The Guardians of the Forest, a volunteer monitoring force of the Guajajara tribe, are the last line of defense for the rainforest in the heart of an industrialized Amazon. The Guardians, led by international activist Sônia Guajajara, struggle to leverage what few resources they have to fight for the life of the planet. In this immersive 360 video documentary, Sônia brings audiences on a journey into her culture and on an expedition into the rainforest to bring illegal loggers to justice. Along the way, we gain deeper insight into the roots of the crisis and see the Guajajara vision for the future.

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