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Indonesian Indigenous Youth Return to the Community




November 2021



“If not us, who will protect our territories? Who will manage our territories?”

Indonesian Indigenous Youth called their fellow brothers living in the cities and finished their studies back to the community. They called it the ‘Homecoming movement.

Youth are driving new models of sustainable rural development, creating organic vegetable gardens, herbal medicine gardens and incorporating educational tourism. So far, 30 farming groups initiated by returning youth have spring up. They are also passing their knowledge and culture by leading 82 indigenous school programmes.

“The task of indigenous youth is to identify the potential that exists in our indigenous territories,” Says Mina Setra, deputy secretary general of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN).

This film was made by young indigenous filmmakers on smartphones, Arwan Oscar, Ergkos Kosasih, Sucia Lisdamara, Alqadri Arsyad, Ramlan and Kalfein Wuisan.