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New website design for If Not Us Then Who? campaign

We’re delighted to announce improvements to our website and invite you to take a look around. 

This is our first major website update since we launched in 2014 and as the project has evolved so to have the needs of the website. We need to to connect with groups within the indigenous peoples and forest networks but also reach audiences outside of these spheres – joining the dots between issues like climate change, human rights, food security, overconsumption to land rights of indigenous and forest communities. 

The website design first and foremost promotes viewing videos, highlighting that many of the indigenous films are available in 4 or 5 languages, a cornerstone in our aims to widen audiences and cut across geographical barriers.

We have also enriched the experience adding greater context around many of the films with many links to organisations working in these areas. We have educational packs to accompany many of the core indigenous movies to aid those screening the films to their local communities and for use in a academic setting and those seeking more detail. 

We are also prioritising our blog, to be used as a platform for many of the groups and projects featured in the films to provide updates on their campaigning work. In a similar vein we have revamped our partner films linking to organisations working in these issues.

The website is a visual starting point in which to learn more about indigenous issues and land rights. 

Main changes

Coming Soon

Our aim with the website is to create a visual library capturing indigenous stories from tropical forest regions, with an easy-to-use and share design, with important additional information for those seeking more detail. We want visitors to emotionally engage, feel more informed and empowered.

We’d love to hear from you

A big thank you to Fess and Aidan at Hatch & Twine for helping us pull this together.