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    Piatúa Resists!

    Indigenous Kichwa community of the Pastaza province in the Amazon have been fighting the construction of a hydroelectric dam that will have a serious impact on the Piatúa river and the communities that live on its banks. It is also recognised as one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet.

    This documentary, from indigenous filmmakers Tawna, tracks the fight and ongoing legal defence of the Piatúa river against corporation GENEFRAN. From violating the right of indigenous peoples to free, prior and informed consent and the arrest of a presiding judge on the case, ruling in favour of construction, who was found to be receiving a bribe of $40 000 in cash and two bottles of whiskey.

    “This sentence is an important milestone in the construction of the paradigm of the rights of nature in Ecuador.”

    GENEFRAN’s machinery is still on Kichwa ancestral territory – so the fight continues.

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    Living Treasure

    The communities of the Sierra Norte de Puebla are pioneers in community forest management. They have successfully developed this practice for more than 40 years. Currently, the area is seriously threatened by a mining project in its exploration phase, if approved would cause great devastation to forests, water, and soils of the region.

    To confront this situation, local leaders are putting their lives at risk by taking this message to governments and the general public, while communities are organizing to strengthen the management of their forests by joining forces.

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    Niyamgiri - The Mountain of Law

    The Dongria Kondh are an indigenous community residing in the sacred Niyamgiri hills and forests (Odisha, India). For nearly two decades the community has been campaigning and fighting legal battles to save their sacred land from bauxite mining. More than seventy million tonne of bauxite lies beneath the ancient sacred groves of Niyamgiri that a British-Indian mining giant, Vedanta Resources, has leased from the federal state government of Odisha. After a protracted ten year old argument in the Supreme Court of India the matter was resolved in a historic referendum where the Dongria Kondh unanimously voted against the mining project. Despite the official victory the community remains under grave threat from paramilitary forces and dominant caste gangs. Leaders and activists of the community face false and trumped up charges, torture, and incarceration.

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    Forest People of Tobelo Halmahera

    On the island of Halmahera, North Mollucas, more than 300 mining permits threaten the existence of priceless tropical forests. Illegal logging is also a problem for indigenous people in the village of Forest Tobelo people in Dodaga village. Deeply concerned with the condition of their forests that they struggle to resist.

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    Elements of Life for Timor People

    Mutis Mountain, an area of rich biodiversity the headwaters for all of West Timor’s major rivers, which supply drinking and irrigation water for much of the people on the island. The indigenous Mollo people’s survival is inextricably linked to these natural resources, which are considered sacred. By organizing hundreds of local villagers to peacefully occupy marble mining sites in “weaving protests,” Aleta Baun stopped the destruction of sacred forestland on Mutis Mountain on the island of Timor.

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    UCHUNYA: Where Will We Live?

    In the territory of the Shipibo people of the Peruvian Amazon, the indigenous community of Santa Clara de Uchunya are facing the devastation of their ancestral forests and rivers. This is due to the aggressive expansion of a palm oil plantation operated by Plantaciones de Pucallpa S.A.C., a member of a group of companies controlled by businessman Dennis Melka.

    This video, based on community testimonies, shows the impacts which the community are suffering as a result of this appropriation of their traditional lands and the fight to defend their territorial and cultural rights. The community’s efforts to gain recognition of their rights over their territory span more than 30 years and have now reached a critical point. The ongoing legal case of Santa Clara de Uchunya is emblematic, in that its outcome will have far-reaching consequences for the future of the Peruvian Amazon and its indigenous peoples.

    More information here: http://www.thisisplace.org/i/?id=2b71b3a2-e3f7-4b7e-8498-fc51cbaa74fa

Playlist - Fighting Big Corporations

A collection of stories highlighting indigenous peoples and local communities fighting big corporations, from oil to mining, palm oil to hydroelectric dams.

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