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Week of Harvesting: inspiring the old, valuing the young

Produce from the Amazon: local network and transparent supply chain flourishing




July 2018



  • Biodiversity
  • Brazil
  • Culture
  • Ethical Consumption
  • Indigenous Solutions
  • Participatory-made film
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • youth

Terra do Meio in it’s fifth year brings together indigenous and local communities. The network of cantinas is able to supply traditional produce from the Amazon in a way that supports local communities and protects the forest. The Xipaya, Curuáya, Xikrin, Yudjá and Arara peoples joined by the banks of the Rio Xingu Extractive Reserves, Rio Iriri and Riozinho do Anfrísio, in Pará, for the celebration of traditional knowledge, harvesting, the economy of social and environmental diversity, transparency and importantly, autonomy.

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