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  • Film

    “Se não nós, quem vai proteger nossos territórios? Quem vai administrar nossos territórios? Jovens indígenas da Indonésia chamam seus irmãos que vivem nas cidades e terminaram seus estudos a voltarem para suas comunidades de origem. Eles chamam esse movimento de Homecoming [Volta para casa]. Os jovens estão elaborando novos modelos de desenvolvimento rural sustentável, criando […]

  • Storytellers

    This is the first part of four blog series about “Stockholm+50 Experience Diary”, written by Elizabeth Swanson Andi. She is an indigenous impact storyteller, photographer, and part of the INUTW team. Learn more about her experience during the event Stockholm+50, held on the 2nd and 3rd of June, 2022. I remember his voice “kawsak sacha, […]

  • Profile

    My name is Leo Cerda from the Kichwa community of Serena in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I consider myself to be a climate activist and indig…

If Not Us Then Who? highlights the role indigenous and local peoples play in protecting our planet; we work in partnership with communities to make films, take photographs, curate content, commission local artists and host events.

Capacity Building

Since 2013 If Not Us Then Who? has been connecting with and amplifying communicators from across the tropical forests regions.

Vibrant Indigenous film production supports

Cultural resilience and resistance

Record ancestral knowledge and raise pride and profile of indigenous communities

Defence of Indigenous territories and rights

Digital storytelling enables injustices and incursions to be denounced to the world and catalyse action against them

Building solidarity

Sharing stories and solutions across greater distances than ever before


Indigenous peoples are guardians of 80% of the world’s biodiversity and strong Indigenous land rights have been recognised as an important climate solution

Emerging Filmmakers

With this dialogue of knowledge, we hope to continue honouring our ancestors by practising the gift of storytelling, rethinking and strengthening our own identity

David Hernández Palmar | Wayuu IIPUANA


If Not Us Then Who? works with indigenous networks and NGOs to deliver strategic communications and capacity building.